Winter Wonderland

Lily’s birthday was coming up and I really wanted to have a winter wonderland themed party. Only problem was we were being hit with very cold weather and it seemed as though it was here to stay, for a very long time.

Marco and I took the risk, sent out the invitations and hoped for the best. It ended up being only 3 degrees Celsius (practically summer in Montreal!) with chunky snowflakes falling down from the sky. It was seriously magical. 

Marco (gotta love him), worked really hard and built an ice rink in our backyard. For people to come to the back without going inside the house, we made some cute signs with old pieces of wood. 

I decided to have the hot chocolate bar outside. I purchased some vases from Michaels, washed them and actually put different types of alcohol in them. Pretty much anything alcohol that worked with hot chocolate. 

I found these cute heart shaped labels from Michaels as well, attached little black pieces of paper on them, and wrote each type of alcohol.

We had a little bonfire going on for our outdoor’s s’mores bar. It was so cute. I used my ginormous fruit basket to put the marshmallows, chocolate and graham crackers in. 

As for the inside of our home, I decided to make a little après skating coffee shop. Everything was homemade. From the lemon squares, to the heart shaped cookies, to the brownies, to the salted caramel, to the banana bread. Everything.

Her birthday cake was a simple carrot cake with cream cheese icing and salted caramel. It wasn’t perfect but I wanted to make her first birthday cake. 

We kept it simple for lunch. Chili and cheese quesadillas with sautéed peppers, onions and mushrooms. It was perfect. 


Happy Birthday baby girl.

Hanna Hajilou